I offer assessment, advice and therapy for children and adults in their home, with flexible appointments. I keep my caseload small so I am able to offer the amount of sessions required according to the evidence base, and requested by my client. 


My specialist areas are:  

  • Children with communication difficulties associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder  

  • Children with speech sound difficulties (delayed speech sound development, phonological disorder or developmental verbal dyspraxia) .


I also offer a service for:   

  • Children with language difficulties. (Children with difficulties with expressive language (talking) and receptive language (understanding of language). Children with delayed language or a diagnosis of developmental language disorder)  

  • Children with difficulties with social communication (difficulties using language socially, including children with a diagnosis of social communication disorder)   

  • Adults with acquired speech difficulties following a stroke such as dysarthria or apraxia of speech.  

  • Adults with acquired language difficulties following a stroke (Aphasia)  

How it works

Contact me 

If you have any questions or would like to arrange an appointment.   

I will answer any questions and if your need is outside of my expertise and experience I will offer some alternative options. 

Book an initial assessment  

If we agree on arranging an assessment, you can go ahead and book through my website, choosing convenient times for you. I will also ask you to read and sign a copy of my Ts&Cs, and fill in a brief form about the individuals´ communication.

Initial assessment 

This will take place across two sessions. With your permission and if necessary, I will liaise with relevant health professionals known to the individual to share and gather findings. Or liaise with nursery/school staff that are working to find out if the communication difficulty is having an impact on their learning. You will receive a written report. 

Therapy plan 

We can discuss the plan for therapy either at the end of the assessment sessions, or we can wait until you have read over the report to have a telephone call or video call. I will answer any questions you have about the contents of the report. I will advise how many sessions to book depending on what your goals are for therapy, and the severity and type of difficulty. If NHS therapy is being accessed simultaneously, we can fit appointments around NHS appointments appropriately so that the input complements each other.  

Book therapy  

You can do so on my website selecting the times convenient for you.   



Initial Assessment £180 

This will include approx 2 hours of assessment held across two separate appointments, including case history gathering, observation, formal & informal assessment, and information gathering from other professionals when required. For clients the assessment will feel like relaxed conversations with a few activities. The price also includes a written report sent within a week of assessment, which will outline the findings of the assessment, and provide recommendations and a proposed management plan. I use the programme MyTherapyTracker so reports can be sent securely. This also includes the follow up telephone/video call to answer any of your queries and discuss the therapy plan (An independent SLT will always make their own assessment of a child before offering any further input even if the child has already seen a SLT through the NHS).


Therapy session £60 

Therapy appointments are approx 50 minutes and include 1:1 with the client and handover with partners, family members or parents.  


Review Assessment £90 

This will include approx 1 hour of assessment through observation, informal & informal assessment. The price also includes a written progress report with assessment findings, recommendations and a proposed management plan.   

Follow up 

When required, we can follow up with a review appointment and further therapy.