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An independent speech and language therapy practice providing service to children and their families in Norwich. 

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Let's work together, embracing their individuality, to support their learning and self expression.

Communication skills allow children to learn, play, develop relationships and thrive.


I specialise in working with children aged 18months - 5 years with the following difficulties:

  • Language delay/disorder or 'late talkers'

  • ​Attention and Listening difficulties

  • Global Developmental Delay

  • Social Communication Difficulties (and/or Autistic Spectrum Disorder)

  • Phonological delay/disorder or Verbal Dyspraxia (speech sounds)

Services include assessment, reports, advice & therapy programmes, without a long waiting list.

​Therapy programmes for speech sound difficulties

I can see your child for therapy at your home or in clinic on a weekly or biweekly basis with individualised and flexible packages depending on need. Parents are required to be present and advice and carry over activities will be provided. Appointments are typically 45mins, which involves 30mins of therapy activities and 15mins with parents for discussion and planning.

Therapy programmes for children with other communication needs

For children with difficulties across language, attention and social communication, I offer weekly therapy sessions in individualised and flexible packages. In these cases I always initially work with parents directly, with a family-led approach, involving video feedback sessions. This is best practice and the most effective approach, since children spend most of their time with parents, and it is through everyday interactions, routines and play with parents that children develop their communication skills. It isn't about doing 'more' but discovering what you're already doing that helps, along with trying some new techniques to make it easier for your child to take those next steps.  Sessions are 1 hour and held across both your home and in clinic. Occasionally parents may be offered a clinic appointment without their child to minimise distraction during a planning and coaching session. I provide parents with a work book which we refer to every week to help keep things simple, keep track of goals, activities and progress.

Therapy Process

Contact me 

Book your free 15 minute phone call to discuss your concerns, or contact me if you have any questions.

Initial assessment  

We will discuss your concerns thoroughly during this session. Your child´s speech, language and communication needs will be assessed using observation, formal and/or informal assessment. The assessment is relaxed and via play so children are unlikely to feel tested. The appointment will last approx 2 hours at either your home or my Norwich clinic. We will discuss next steps and you will receive a written report following the session. 


I offer flexible programmes of typically 6-15 sessions, weekly or biweekly. Sessions are either direct (I work directly with your child) or indirect (I work mainly with parent) or both. Depending on need sessions last between 45minutes -1.5 hours.

Follow up 

When required, we can continue therapy with a new programme. Depending on the time gap between programmes, a review assessment is sometimes needed to identify new goals.

Central Norwich Clinic 

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About me


Hello! My name's Marianne. I'm an experienced speech and language therapist working in independent practice in Norwich, specialising in the early years. 

I qualified in 2016, and have since undertaken post-graduate training to ensure my continuing professional development. I have had the privilege of supporting children with a range of communication needs and their families as an SLT in both the NHS and private practise, in early years clinics and schools. 

I am a registered member of:

Additional Certifications/Training

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Professional registrations

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We can build children's communication skills and confidence by focusing on joyful interaction and connection first.




It's about discovering small but powerful changes to everyday interaction, routines & habits to spark communication. 

When working with children with speech sound difficulties my focus is on improving their intelligibility swiftly using fun, up-to-date evidence based therapeutic approaches and creativity. Reducing the frustration that children feel when their speech is not understood and reducing the effect this has socially and on literacy is a priority.

Therapy is child-led by meeting the child where they are and identifying achievable goals that are meaningful for them. Therapy is also family-led, moving at a family's pace, with emphasis on working together as as team with equal amounts to bring forward. 

Contact me to arrange a phonecall or send me an email if you have any questions.